We always fear losing the pets that mean so much to us. Deciding to euthanize a pet is an agonizing process. While some pets die of old age in the comfort of their own home, many others become seriously ill, get injured in some way or experience a significantly diminished quality of life as they grow very old. In these situations, it may be necessary for you to consider having your pet euthanized in order to spare it from pain and suffering.

As an owner, the emotions you feel at this time often may make it hard to think, communicate, and make decisions. Therefore, it is often helpful to discuss the process of euthanasia with the veterinarian well in advance of its occurrence. Our veterinarians are very familiar with the experience and are able to talk with you about the process and feelings that go with it.

Many people wish to be present during their pet’s euthanasia to say good-bye, to prevent feeling guilty for ‘abandoning’ their pet. If you do not feel you can be present during the euthanasia, please do not feel you are abandoning your pet. Your pet has experienced your love throughout his or her life, and if he or she could talk, you can imagine he or she would say he or she understands. Your pet will not be alone, the veterinarian and staff will be there with your pet, talking and petting him or her during the procedure.

In many cases, the individual family members wish to have some time alone with the pet both before and/or after the euthanasia. If you wish to be alone with your pet, you may still want a friend to accompany you to the veterinarian’s office to provide support. Whether you choose to be with your pet or not is appropiate, be re-assured that you have given him or her a lifetime of love.

Say goodbye to your pet. Take a few final moments to express your feelings. Do whatever you need to do to say goodbye.

You are not alone, we are here to support you in this process.

Options for the care of your pet’s body

You will need to make a decision as to how you want to care for your pet’s body. Depending upon where you live, your finances, and other factors, there may be several alternatives for you. If you have asked your veterinarian to dispose of the body it may be important for you to know how this is done.
Here are the Cremation Services that we offer:
Individual Cremation: Your pet’s body can be cremated at a special facility that cremates pets, and the ashes can be returned to you in a urn either to keep or to scatter at a location you may choose.
Group Cremation: You may choose to have your pet cremated with other pets. In this case, the ashes are generally not returned.
The final option that we have available is for the owner to take the body home.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (602) 269-8969.