Catalina Animal Hospital Offers Effective Pet Pain Management

Animals experience pain, just as people do, but they are not able to tell their owners where it hurts or how much it hurts. A pet injury, arthritis, or pain from a surgical procedure may be the source of the problem. Veterinarians can help you manage your pet’s pain safely and effectively. At Catalina Animal Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, we offer a number of options to help you manage your pet’s discomfort.

Types of Pain

Your pet may experience pain in a number of different ways. Discomfort can be intermittent, or chronic and low-level. Acute pain can occur in which the animal is in obvious physical distress. Neuropathic pain affects the nerves, which can affect the animal’s mobility. Pets with cancer may experience pain that can be managed to provide a reasonable level of comfort for them.

Symptoms of Pain in Your Pet

Animals are generally good at hiding their pain. However, you may notice subtle signs that something is not quite right with your pet. They may become more withdrawn and want to play less. They may avoid jumping up to sit beside you on the sofa. They may lick at the affected area constantly. They may avoid being touched. The animal may limp or whimper. Some animals exhibit a change in personality, with more irritability or aggressiveness.

How Pet Pain Is Managed

Determining the cause and extent of the discomfort is key to managing pain effectively in the pet population. Your vet can then determine the most effective treatment for your pet’s pain. Many pain medications that are commonly used for humans can be hazardous for dogs and cats or can even be fatal. Always talk to your veterinarian before administering any type of pain medication to your pet. New medications for veterinary use are constantly being developed to reduce pain safely in animals. Alternative methods can also be helpful.

Catalina Animal Hospital Offers Effective Pain Management

A number of medications are used for pain in animals. Aspirin and NSAIDs drugs, such as ibuprofen may be advised. Corticosteroid drugs can also help reduce inflammation and pain. Medications used for other conditions, such as anti-seizure drugs and drugs to treat depression can also help to reduce pain. Opioid medications may be used, in some circumstances.

Make Catalina Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian For Pet Pain Management

Dr. Farrington and the team at Catalina Animal Hospital understand how important your pet is to you and your family. We work hard to provide high quality pet care for their patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and Peoria. We are a full-service facility, offering exams, vaccinations, spay and neuter surgery, general surgery, preventive care, microchipping and in-house diagnostics. Call Catalina Animal Hospital today at 620-269-8969 for an appointment to learn more about pain management options to help your pet be more comfortable.