If you are the owner of an elderly dog or cat, providing them with proper senior pet care is a priority so they can live comfortably. Making an appointment at Catalina Animal Hospital in Phoenix is an important part of keeping your pet in the best of health. Our veterinarian provides pet care for those who live in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria areas. Here is some information about caring for a senior pet so you understand its importance and how our veterinarian can help.

Pet Longevity

On average, medium-sized dogs live between ten to thirteen years of age. Cats live a bit longer, with the average life expectancy being between ten and fifteen years. There are several points, however, that come into play regarding the life-span of an animal. The breed of your cat or dog, as well as their size, makes an impact on how long it may live. Pets with obesity problems tend to die at an earlier age than pets within an ideal weight range for their breed and age. Congenital problems, injuries, and conditions like cancer, liver disease, or heart troubles could also make a difference in how long a pet will live.

Signs of Aging

When a pet ages, there are some signs that may alert you that they are having difficulty with tasks they were able to perform at a younger age. Many pets have elimination troubles, as they may not be able to make it to a bathroom area as quickly as they had in the past. Mobility issues often arise as arthritis settles into the body and bones deteriorate from age. This tends to lead to weight gain, making it even more difficult for the pet to get around as they used to. In other pets, when organs begin to shut down, the appetite diminishes. This will lead to a weakening of the body.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help

When your pet gets older, it is even more important that they see our veterinarian regularly for checkups to examine their overall health. Our veterinarian may recommend bringing your dog or cat to our practice twice a year instead of just once for an annual exam. This way, their health is monitored at a more constant rate, ensuring proper treatment will be provided if any conditions arise.

Visit Our Office for a Senior Pet Exam

If your aging dog or cat requires senior pet care assistance, and you live in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Glendale, or Peoria area, reach out to our veterinarian at Catalina Animal Hospital to make an appointment for an evaluation. Contact us today by calling (602) 269-8969 to find out about scheduling availability or to ask questions pertaining to your elderly pet’s wellness.